Sunday, September 7, 2014

14. Robert D. Darrah of Monongalia County, WV

[In my 2006 book, I did not want to duplicate the same ground covered by several other family researchers. The below statement is what I included, as I wanted to cover new family areas and people.]

Robert D. Darrah, D1B

            Since Robert D. Darrah is the subject of at least two other extensive family histories, I will not expand further on him or his family lines, except to say that he moved to Monongalia County, now West Virginia, and lived there the rest of his life.

            See “Darrah Diggings” by Rosanna Parker and Mavis Brees, 1991.
                     This genealogy is in several large libraries including the Family History
                     Library in Salt Lake City and the Allen County Public Library in Fort
                     Wayne, Indiana. Rosanna and Mavis are from Iowa.

            See “Darrah: A History of the Darrah and Related Families” by Earl Lindsay
                   Darrah, 1994. This is also in several large genealogy libraries. Earl is from
                   Tampa, FL.

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