Sunday, August 2, 2015

20. Received A Nice Message From A New Relative

One of the great things about the the electronic present is the ability to connect with folks who are relations you never know about. Here is a new connection that touched base on Aug 1 at 4:11 PM. Give Ransell a shout out if you want.

Hello, Ron
       My name is Ransell Miller, Jr. Just looking around in family history
I'm living in Juneau, Alaska, and will be moving back to N.E Ohio in a couple
of years.
            Just wanted to say that Remembrance Swan Darrah is my great-grandfather.
He was married to Virginia "Jennie" Workman, and they had a daughter named Georgia Darrah. She was my mother’s mother or my grandmother.
            O'yea! I had a birthday in June and am a young 71 yrs. Do a lot of hiking here.