Saturday, September 6, 2014

13. Mystery In York County

  We visited York County, PA, a few weeks ago, and we tried to find Camp Security, the POW stockade where Henry Darrah was a guard during the Revolutionary War. Wow, was that a fiasco!
   Firstly, we were in Philadelphia, and getting from Philly to York is a hassle. Secondly, the Camp is evidently a mystery to the natives. We stopped in the main library in York and could not find anyone who was familiar with the place. The librarian we queried finally called a local historian, who gave her some "directions."
   We tried to follow these and wound up going nowhere. When we got to the locality, it was a new suburban growth area and no one knew anything. Online there is supposedly an archaeological site in progress, but we could not find it.
   Finally, our time ran out and we had to get back to Philadelphia. Maybe some other time. Whew!

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